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Leading the Way With Breguet – The Traditional Dame ref 7038

Not so long ago I wrote a blog criticising women’s watches and argued that some brands have lost sight of what customers actually want. I felt, (and still do) that some brands think they know best when it comes to what consumers want and, if they simply keep churning out sub-par (in my opinion) products, add some diamantes and their logo, then their female customers will lap them up. I noted that, in 2020, this isn’t the case and more and more women are opting for larger pieces with much better movements and attention to detail. If you want you can read the full article here, but I only bring it up because recently I found myself excited at the sight of an offering from Breguet - The traditional Dame Ref 7038 Boutique Edition. A watch that was made for women but with all the care and attention you’d expect from a company like Breguet. Let’s talk women’s watches…. again!

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Granted, most of my frustration comes from personal experience and trying to get my own wife into watches. I never really appreciated how poor women’s watches actually were until we went shopping for her. I’m not saying all women’s watches are terrible, but in my opinion, there seems to be a large gap between men’s and women’s watches where I think, if you are considering treating your wife, girlfriend or partner to a watch, you might as well look at traditional watches that are predominantly made for men. Sure, they’d be a little larger on the wrist but, like any good accessory, that only increases its presence. Not only would you be getting more watch for your money, you’d also be able to share!

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However, this week I discovered a timepiece that ticks all my boxes… or my wife’s boxes. The Breguet traditional Dame Boutique Edition (ref:7038). Now, Breguet’s Traditional Collection is not a new line by any means. Since being introduced in 2005 it is arguably one of Breguet’s most recognised collections but the Traditional Dame was the first women’s watch introduced into the collection in 2016. The boutique Edition simply goes that extra mile, offering a modern reinterpretation of the original aesthetic conceived by Breguet’s founder Abraham Louis.

Breguet Traditional Dame Boutique Edition

The watch is instantly recognisable with the movement being presented in a dark brown colour. It might not be to everyone’s taste but I personally think it makes the other features of the watch pop. It’s also a subtle match to the dark orange leather strap which comes on the watch. Additionally, you can’t miss the Tahitian mother of pearl, off-centre dial, which takes up the top portion of the watch. The numerals are clear and defined and you’d never get bored looking at it. Below the face between 4 O Clock sits the balance wheel and, just to the left of that sits the centre wheel. Both are exactly the same dimensions giving the watch a gorgeous level of symmetry to the 37mm face – a great size in my opinion.

The watch does have the standard nod to stereotypical femininity with diamantes around the face but to be honest, I think they look alright. While I don’t think they need to be there, it’s a boutique edition so you’d expect there to be a little flair. And it’s not like they’re there to distract you from the lack of quality because the movement in this piece is something to be admired.

Breguet Traditional Dame Boutique Edition

The watch is powered by Breguet’s own 505SR movement which has a power reserve of 50 hours and features the artistic decoration and attention to detail you’d expect from such a high-end watch maker. All this can be seen through the clear case-back on the watch and, I know I say this a lot, but I would probably spend just as much time looking at the back as well as the front.

Breguet Traditional Dame Boutique Edition

Overall the watch is a great example of how companies can (and do) make some beautiful pieces aimed at women. Being a boutique edition, it also comes with additional luxuries such as a leather clutch bag, matching the leather of the watch strap. However, this is a Breguet so it isn’t cheap. The Traditional Dame costs almost £40,000 so yes, it’s way out of most people’s price range, but it’s a great example of a watch that is made for women and doesn’t compromise on design, movement or attention to detail. Let’s hope other brands follow suit!

Breguet Traditional Dame Boutique Edition

Thanks for your time and see you in the next one!

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