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The 2020 Submariner - Rolex's Long Waited Update

Image: Rolex

I know, I usually post a blog every Friday (ish) but Rolex were not willing to wait. After weeks of back and forth I said, “Fine, release your little watch and I’ll change the day I drop a blog post!”…. One can dream! While that conversation didn’t take place, it get me thinking about my blog posting schedule and so, from now on, I’ll just be posting as and when. By restricting myself to a set day week I feel like I’m behind the curve sometimes, especially on new announcements so, going forward, I’ll just drop them whenever! Blog roulette if you like! Anyway, back to it…

Rolex just announced an update to probably their most famous line of watches, the Submariner. Rolex is arguably one of the most influential watch makers in the world so when they make a change, update a collection or release something new, it tends to send a few waves through the watch community. So, let’s take a quick look at what’s changed for the Submariner.

The new Submariner comes in a range of colour options – Black, green and blue with the date variants of each colour. Rolex have also released new versions of the two-tone variants of the Submariner too.

Image: Rolex

From first glance (and just going off the pictures) it doesn’t look like much has changed and that’s because Rolex has kept some of the familiar and much-loved features of the previous submariner - such as the 300-meter water resistance, unidirectional bezel and triple lock crown. However, the new Sub comes in a 41mm case size which may not seem like a massive change but, as we saw from the Tudor Blackbay 58, millimetres count and can make a big difference to how a watch will wear.

Image: Rolex

Additionally, the lugs on the watch have a much slimmer profile and slope down more than the previous model. I imagine this will make the case look a little larger to the eye but also give it a more comfortable feel on the wrist. Thankfully the lug width is still 20mm so if you are one of these cool people who love putting your watch on an aftermarket strap, then you can check out the Straps of Manhattan NATO collection here.

As well as the outside of the watch, the inside has seen some changes, big changes. There’s an updated movement (calibre 3230) which has a 70 hours power reserve which will certainly be a welcome addition. I think this was expected with any Submariner update as it's already on the Blackbay 58. It’s COSC certified (obviously) and has an accuracy rating of -2/+2 seconds a day. I think we can all admit, it’s a really nice movement and a decent upgrade.

Image: Rolex

Rolex are also keen to promote the Paraflex shock absorber which basically protects the balance wheel from knocks and shocks if you were the type of person who isn’t afraid to put your Submariner through its paces. developed by Rolex in 2005, Rolex claim it improves shock absorption by 50%. It’s a great piece of engineering and at the very least gives you some piece of mind if your watch ever does take a hit.

Overall, I’m pleased with what Rolex has brought to the table here. I feel the new Submariner is going to be what the BB58 was to Tudor, where a couple of (what seemed) subtle changes made an already fantastic watch just that bit better. If you are in the market for a new luxury piece then this could be the watch for you. Priced at £6450 I’d argue that’s it a bargain but, as it’s Rolex, you will certainly be waiting…. And waiting… and waiting before you get yours.

Thanks for your time and see you in the next one!

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